We believe the citizens of Lower Township need to be more informed so they can provide input to their government. Many residents believe that Lower awards jobs, contracts, and permits unfairly.

The proposed aquatic center is an exciting asset to think about for our community. What features would you like to be included in the facility? How much will it cost on a yearly basis? These are just some of the questions we all need answers to.

Problems that face the nation, such as job opportunities, drug abuse, and limited housing, affect our families here. We need creative solutions to these problems. Solutions will not be easy, but know that we will welcome your ideas and utilize state and federal assistance as best we can.

Vote for change. Start with the Council.

- Ensure that Lower Township is an affordable place to live and work: We will make sure every decision by your government is based upon how it affects our families' cost of living. We're determined to expand our local economy to create jobs and improve public transportation.

- Balance: We pledge that we will make government work for the needs and desires of our community today, as well as for future generations. Decisions made today shouldn’t result in undue financial burden for our children, tomorrow's taxpayers.

- Trust: We will work with all elected and appointed officials on all levels for the good of our community. We will not be a rubber stamp for any political machine or special interest; the only voices we will hear loudly and clearly are yours.

- Represent All Residents & Taxpayers: Regardless of where you live in the Township or how long you've been here, you matter. We're committed to work for everyone!

Our Action Plan

• We support fairness in hiring and contracting, and we pledge to develop impartial and transparent procedures in hiring practices and the awarding of contracts.
• We support fair enforcement of all laws, and we pledge to work with all departments in the Township to ensure that procedures are followed.
• We support the direct involvement of the Township in efforts that facilitate economic development. We will work to help local businesses by reducing regulations that restrict their growth and we will encourage the development of more small businesses.
• We support a long-term capital improvements plan for the Township, and we will be proactive in building berms, drains, and structures that control flooding.
• We believe that greater efforts are needed to encourage citizen involvement in decisions that affect the community, and we pledge to engage residents through town halls and polling efforts.