Kit Marlowe

Kit Marlowe (Ward 3) is a chemist, an engineer, and a safety manager. He specialized in preparing water and wastewater utilities for emergencies. Kit strongly advocates for transparency in local government and wants to offer new, creative solutions to some of the Township’s problems. If elected to Council, Kit promises to keep all citizens informed of the actions of Council and will be open to their ideas on making Lower Township a safe, healthy, and prosperous community.

Why Vote for Democrat Kit Marlowe
for 3rd Ward Councilman?
Whether you believe in active or inactive government, you can’t get what you want when everything is secret. When one party controls every decision in Washington, the County, and the Township, their monopoly of power will keep common citizens from knowing who benefits from each decision. Secrecy stifles new and competing ideas from stimulating creative solutions to the Township’s problems. Voting for change in local governance represents an opportunity to increase your ability to achieve the kind of community you want to live in.
Specific issues include:
1. How many citizens want a new indoor water sports facility? This project is elective and expensive. Please tell me whether you want it built.
2. Anything the Township builds should be designed and constructed using by competitive public bidding. Too often bids have been awarded without inviting competition.
3. A study of the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority, commissioned by former mayor, Michael Beck, showed that the township could save one million dollars a year by reabsorbing LTMUA into Township government. That’s $45 for each citizen. I favor that reabsorption.
4. I am concerned, as everyone is, about the rate of opioid use in the Township. Recent research indicates that many users started with a legal prescription. Perhaps the Police Department could use the NJ Prescription Monitoring Program to determine prescription pattern analyses of local doctors, followed by investigation of doctors who prescribe dangerous agents more than others do.
5. The Township should strictly enforce environmental rules that preserve wilderness spaces and preserve the coast line. We should, for example, protect sand dunes and sand beaches that belong to the ocean.
In summary, the citizens of the Township would be well served if the Council were to include representatives of any group that is not part of the long-established clique. It may be time to “Stir things up.”