Why We're Running

The Lower Township Democratic Club has endorsed three community-minded candidates for Lower Township Council. Their combined campaign is called the Lower Township Democratic Victory Committee. Cozette Gasser, past-chair of this club, said, “We are very proud to offer three fine candidates this year.”

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Basic Statement

Choose Your Council. Choose the Future. We are the best people to lead our township into the future. Why do we say that? Here’s why:

We are committed to the community and the residents. Collectively, we volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Family Promise, East Lynne Theater Company, and Cape Hope. In addition, we volunteer at our churches, teach art classes through the Department of Aging, work with senior residents, and assist in the County’s RSVP Tax Aide Program.

We are proven leaders with demonstrated fiscal responsibility. Positions we have held include school administrator, team leader for technical support of air traffic control systems, and lead engineer. We have developed and managed budgets, prepared and authorized contracts, and provided financial guidance to others.

We are committed to protecting our environment. We have participated in efforts to restore Cox Hall Creek, have advocated for more rigorous standards for water safety, and have expertise environmental safety issues, including preparing water and wastewater utilities for emergencies.

We are determined to expand employment opportunities for our residents. Good seasonal jobs are too often lost to non-residents and we will take efforts to make sure that qualified township residents are not overlooked for employment. We have engaged our local small businesses in discussions about ways to expand their profits and we are exploring ways to assist residents become small business owners.

We firmly believe that we have the experience and skills to lead our township into a future that addresses your concerns and delivers results that benefit us all. It’s time for change as we look forward to a brighter future for Lower Township.

Tom Poussart

In November 2014 I retired from the Federal Aviation Administration. As a computer systems analyst, I worked with multiple teams to provide hardware and software support on various Automated Air Traffic Control systems used in our country. The last ten years I led a team that maintained hundreds of air traffic control systems. My job involved preparing budgets for upper management, purchasing equipment, authorizing contract procurements, developing and installing system modifications and providing on-site technical support.

My electronics career started in high school, working part-time at a 2-way radio repair company. After electronics technical school, I started working for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard installing and repairing radar, communications and computer systems on naval ships. I then worked for the Naval Reserve Readiness Command managing repair and procurement of electronic equipment and shipboard system simulators. At the Naval Electronic Systems Command in Philadelphia I developed, tested, installed and repaired mainframe computer systems onboard large naval ships. When the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard closed, I obtained the job at the FAA Technical Center in Pomona, NJ.

As an enlisted member of the New Jersey Air National Guard, I provided maintenance and repair of jet fighter bombing computers and gun-sights. I also served with the New Jersey Army National Guard as a computer operator for a mobile artillery battery. When I lived in Berlin Township NJ, I volunteered and ran the local Town Watch program for the police department.

After vacationing “down the shore” for many years, my wife and I discovered Villas and the Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management Area. When we both retired, we moved to Villas. We enjoy all the different wildlife areas. I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and helped build their ReStore in Cape May Court House and a three-bedroom house in Whitesboro for a young family of five. I look forward to helping with the next house this summer. My wife and I are also volunteers and supporters of Family Promise. I’m a member of the Cape May County Amateur Radio Club, and in my free time I enjoy working outside in the yard, tinkering in my shop, working on my model railroad, and bird watching in all the great wildlife areas in Cape May County.

You can contact me at tom4ward2@gmail.com or call me at 856-885-0907.

Why Vote for Tom Poussart

for 2nd Ward Councilman?

Since retiring and moving to Villas in November 2015, my family has met so many friendly people who care about community. We began attending town council meetings, reviewing the town’s website, and reading the local newspapers about various ongoing projects in Lower Township. We were disappointed about the lack of information available to residents and decided to get involved. We joined the local Democratic Club as a way to learn even more about the community.

We have learned a lot but also discovered that oftentimes the residents lack critical information about ongoing projects. For example, plans are underway for an aquatic center at the airport. But questions remain: Do the residents really want it? How much will it cost and where will the money come from for its maintenance?

Another project is the evaluation of the dumping of dredged material on the bay coastline. Will this reduce the cost of flood insurance? Will there be any health risks?

The improvements at the airport have been terrific. I’ll continue to encourage new businesses to come because the jobs they’ll create will help our township. Some paths connecting the museums and businesses, attractive umbrella shaded picnic areas, comfort stations, and bike racks could make the airport an even more beautiful attraction for both visitors and residents.

Support for our police, fire and other emergency personnel will always be my top priority. We need to do more to help residents with drug abuse issues. The homeless in our township also need our help. That’s why my wife and I volunteer for Family Promise. There are organizations that provide assistance, but additional volunteers and funds are always needed.

Protecting our environment is a great concern. I’ll work to preserve wildlife areas and protect our coastline. I’d like to expand our townships recycling efforts to include all electronics and plastic bags, as well as reduce the amount of plastic used.

I’ll work hard so that our tax dollars are not wasted on no bid contracts or projects we don’t want. I’ll work to make sure our taxes are kept as low as possible, but that we maintain our essential services.

As your town councilman I will keep you informed and vote the way you tell me. I promise to work for you!

Carmela Pallotta

I am the candidate for councilwoman for the First Ward, and I want to use my experience as a teacher, administrator, and artist to make our community better.

I attended Montclair State University on a full, four-year Garden State Scholarship and have Masters Degrees in Educational Administration and Counseling. After 16 years as a classroom teacher, I became a Vice Principal and then Principal of a school for troubled youth and received an award for my work with special needs students. I was the Girl Scout troop leader for troop 346 in East Orange, NJ.

After retiring from teaching, I went into the arts full time. I have done workshops for Gilda’s Club using art as relaxation. I build kites and won first place at the Smithsonian International Kite Festival. I have conducted kite building workshops throughout the Cape May County Library System, and I currently teach an art class at the Lower Township Senior Center.

I am an avid martial arts collector and received an appreciation award for donating weapons to Wright Universal Dojo of Self Defense in Bayonne, NJ.

As past president of the Lower Township Democratic Social Club for many years, I am aware of the needs of our community and will work hard for you.


for 1st Ward Councilwoman?

I am an active senior resident of Lower Township and am running for the 1st Ward Council Seat. Why, you may ask, would I want to run, at my age, for a council seat. Why? Because I have always had a strong sense of civic responsibility and believe that I can still contribute my knowledge and wisdom to benefit my hometown, especially families and the elderly.

I firmly believe that attempting to gain knowledge and wisdom is a life long process. I hold two Masters Degrees, one in Educational Administration and the other in Counseling. I taught both elementary and high school in Newark, New Jersey, for 16 years and became a high school Vice Principal and then a Principal of a school for troubled youth. In taking that position I gained insight and wisdom into human behavior and received the Ruth E. Neumann Award for Educational Excellence working with special needs students.

Education and the arts are two of my key priorities. As an artist, I have been an advocate for the arts in Cape May County. I won first place at the Smithsonian International Kite Festival and have conducted workshops in kite building through the Cape May County Library System. I teach an art class at the Lower Township Senior Center.

Lower Township residents have taken 1st place in the Cape May County Art Show for the past four years. This is indicative of the talent and commitment to the arts that our community values. I will work to achieve a winning record for our township not only in the arts but for developing a healthy, safe and prosperous community.

Carmela demonstrates her commitment to the community by volunteering at Whale of a Day on July 7th. Carmela donated art supplies and helped youngsters decorate friendship rocks and kites.

Kit Marlowe

Kit Marlowe (Ward 3) is a chemist, an engineer, and a safety manager. He specialized in preparing water and wastewater utilities for emergencies. Kit strongly advocates for transparency in local government and wants to offer new, creative solutions to some of the Township’s problems. If elected to Council, Kit promises to keep all citizens informed of the actions of Council and will be open to their ideas on making Lower Township a safe, healthy, and prosperous community.

Why Vote for Democrat Kit Marlowe

for 3rd Ward Councilman?

Whether you believe in active or inactive government, you can’t get what you want when everything is secret. When one party controls every decision in Washington, the County, and the Township, their monopoly of power will keep common citizens from knowing who benefits from each decision. Secrecy stifles new and competing ideas from stimulating creative solutions to the Township’s problems. Voting for change in local governance represents an opportunity to increase your ability to achieve the kind of community you want to live in.

Specific issues include:

1. How many citizens want a new indoor water sports facility? This project is elective and expensive. Please tell me whether you want it built.

2. Anything the Township builds should be designed and constructed using by competitive public bidding. Too often bids have been awarded without inviting competition.

3. A study of the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority, commissioned by former mayor, Michael Beck, showed that the township could save one million dollars a year by reabsorbing LTMUA into Township government. That’s $45 for each citizen. I favor that reabsorption.

4. I am concerned, as everyone is, about the rate of opioid use in the Township. Recent research indicates that many users started with a legal prescription. Perhaps the Police Department could use the NJ Prescription Monitoring Program to determine prescription pattern analyses of local doctors, followed by investigation of doctors who prescribe dangerous agents more than others do.

5. The Township should strictly enforce environmental rules that preserve wilderness spaces and preserve the coast line. We should, for example, protect sand dunes and sand beaches that belong to the ocean.

In summary, the citizens of the Township would be well served if the Council were to include representatives of any group that is not part of the long-established clique. It may be time to “Stir things up.”